Oblig. Title

somehow i understand more and so much less about the decapitated tavros head/gamzee makeout now

yoshiyiffer said: it’s 2k14. why do we type 2k13 or whater its the same as typing 2013 wtf

it should have happened by now
shhhh no its cooler with the k

nakamaman said —
❝ it's like why people hate charizard right I advocate for a healthy society for charizards around the pokeglobe ❞

no get rid of charizard 2k13


matching icons for you and all of your friends!!

why do people feel the need to excessively trash on something the moment it becomes ‘big’


ピースピース by うに

Ho-Oh please don’t eat Lyra’s head


picture the most serious character that you know of

now picture them tripping ungracefully and falling down some stairs

(Source: darkingofmordor)



if you haven’t read this, it’ll change your life… YOU GOTTA HAVE THE RIGHT SPIRIT FOR IT! 

Oh and it’s called Paranatural


'Spirit Space'

Spent a few hours with my pens today. Was inspired by the site redesign and some cool art I’d seen of Scrapdragon ‘n’ Max.

(This is a reminder that I do drawing requests.)